Frank Brown

Chapter 16

These days, my daughter and I “video-chat”; morning for her and lunchtime for me. I have excellent help in Eleanor (Ennie) Lattin. Linn and Ennie met at age 5 and have remained friends all these years.

Linn and Ennie
Linn and Ennie Lattin

Ennie visits me daily and helps me with grocery shopping, paying bills, and light housework. She and her husband, Rich Lattin, find fun things for me to do with them: concerts, drives in the country, lunches and dinners out. I have Meals on Wheels and someone to help me at supper time on weekdays. I have evening help from a nice young woman named Taylor, and from a former student and classmate of Linn and Ennie, named Cindy.

Joel and his wife, Peggy, visit often, driving down from Saratoga Springs, NY. His children and theirs (my grandchildren and great-grandchildren) visit too, and that’s been so much fun. Darron drives to see me from Indiana. Linn and Richard visit when they can, flying from California.

I practice every day. I mostly play my clarinet and alto sax, but some days I practice trumpet, flute or guitar. During the summer, you might find me playing for the tourists in front of Jim Guild’s store, Famous Brands, in Watkins Glen.

Watkins Glen
Enjoying life in Watkins Glen

It’s been a life filled with music. My clarinet has led me places I could never have imagined as a boy… from a small town hall in Montour Falls, to Carnegie Hall. I’m thankful beyond words.

Seneca Lake and Rainbows
Seneca Lake and a double rainbow
Me in my 80s with my clarinet
Me in my 80s with my clarinet

Frank Brown, From a Small Town Hall to Carnegie Hall, as told to Linn Brown. Published and formatted for the web by Aryana Shabestari.

June 30, 2022