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“Linn’s songs flower from deep waters, rising in compassion, service and love fulfilling, at once wise, deep and whimsical…feminine, genuine…”

Corey Mason, worldOneradio

For “3 and Some Other Catchy Little Numbers”

I always thought I was good with kids. I love kids and look upon them as individuals and go out of my way to listen to them as if what they say has the greatest importance because, in truth, to them it does. But for all I can give them in terms of that little bit of respect, it pales next to what Linn Brown gives them. She gives them music, and not just music that they can hear. Music that they can relate to…
— Rock and Reprise

For “Passion and Temperance”

Solid and classy set of Joni Mitchell-influenced songs
“San Franciscan Linn Brown is yet another unheard of and unheralded singer-songwriter, who makes up in class what she perhaps lacks in originality. On her latest album, opener Do More is a slow sensuous seduction of a song, while the outsider’s statement of intent that is Completely Misunderstood grooves like a demon and has echoes of Mary Chapin Carpenter. Never Mind’s piano figures recall classic Joni Mitchell, as indeed do Brown’s vocal swoops and soars. In fact there are echoes of the classics all over the place, perhaps most obviously on The Rhythm of Satisfaction, which acquires both its chords and some of its words from the Stones masterpiece.
   But it’s Mitchell who Brown is most indebted to, the Mitchell of HEJIRA, where she was starting to stretch out and explore the jazz and improvisation that would dominate her next few albums, and this becomes more obvious as the album progresses. Nowhere to Go has that rich, lush, produced sound that was Mitchell’s trademark for many years, while Restless Beyond This World, in ‘You’re born, you die/And all of the days that lie in the in-between you survive’, has an opening couplet that Mitchell would be proud of, and indeed the whole song would be a credit to her oeuvre.
   But don’t get the idea that, by and large, this is some sort of third rate wannabe music, far from it. PASSION AND TEMPERANCE is a solid, well crafted piece of work, a set of honest songs performed with skill and integrity, and if it references the greats, why not, who doesn’t really? Well worth a listen.”
— Maverick Magazine

For “mend”

“I never thought I’d hear anyone who could compare to Bette Midler as a vocalist, but I’ve found that person in Oakland, California-based singer Linn Brown.
   Brown has all the vocal sass and vulnerability that makes Midler such a pleasure to listen to. And the fact that Brown is highly influenced by Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell and Carole King, just makes the package that much more appealing. Just check out ‘The Night I Swore You Off’ for proof of this woman’s ability to knock your socks off; I would just love to hear this song performed live because I just know it’s a showstopper.
   Mend comes on like a quasi-concept album since most of the songs (and the album cover) relate to the heart, metaphorically speaking. And Brown’s ’60s musical tendencies serve her well, from the girl group stylings of ‘Look, Don’t Touch’ to the Beatles-esque ‘Just Wanna Be in Love’. That these songs unabashedly evoke the classic pop sound of the ’60s and don’t come off as cheap imitations, but instead feel organically created and performed, is a minor miracle indeed.
   I can’t say enough about how wonderful this album is; I wish I had heard it two years ago when it was first released. Well, better late than never and if Linn Brown is as good in performance as she is on Mend, then people like Norah Jones and Alicia Keys had better watch their backs.”
— Evolution of Media

“Linn Brown’s songs are passionate, intricate, and brilliantly written. It won’t be long before everyone knows who she is.”
— Casey Conroy, weareFlex

“Linn’s songs flower from deep waters, rising in compassion, service and love fulfilling, at once wise, deep and whimsical…feminine, genuine…”
— Corey Mason, worldOneradio

“A concept album based around love and its tragic ups and downs isn’t the newest idea on the block and it’s often tried but rarely succeeded. Linn Brown turns that upside down with a dynamic contribution on the subject.”

From CDBaby:

4 out of 5 stars
Can’t get it out of my head!
Reviewer: maddy
Linn’s bouncy, bright tunes are infectious! Tunes like “Look, Don’t Touch” and “Just Wanna Be In Love” are definite “cruising on a sunny day, sing along” songs!

4 out of 5 stars
Ear pleasure
Reviewer: Rich
Linn Brown sings with a lithe, enchanting voice sensitive, lovingly crafted songs. A memorable CD.

5 out of 5 stars
Linn Brown’s insightful lyrics and moving music are a treasure.
Reviewer: L. Alexander
These songs provide the kind of inspiration that connects us with the deepest parts of ourselves and can help our hearts to mend! This gifted and intelligent singer/songwriter demonstrates a fantastic melodic and harmonic sensibility and a sophisticated approach to lyric writing in her compositions. “Mend” reflects Linn Brown’s truly unique and authentic artistry, showcasing her wonderful piano playing and sensitive vocal styling. I highly recommend this CD.

5 out of 5 stars
I really enjoyed the Music, it is very relaxing, and the words are so beautiful.
Reviewer: Bahareh
This CD is a pice of art, the words are beautiful and it is so relaxing to listen to, I highly recommended.

5 out of 5 stars
…thrilling, soulful and heartbreaking….the real deal…
Reviewer: F.F. Medwick
…part Kate and Anna…part JT, joni and norah…all beautiful…Linn Brown’s mend is a thrilling, soulful and heartbreaking postcard from the real world…it’s the real deal…reminds me of the classic Warner Bros./Elektra/ Asylum records of the 70’s that defined the singer-songwriter era before the big corps took over…

5 out of 5 stars
Beautifully crafted; straight from the heart….
Reviewer: Kathy Kennedy
From Looking Back Over to Love vs. Disaster, Linn Brown’s songs are beautifully crafted and straight from the heart. I love her chords, her melodies, and her lyrics. Her heart pours out in every song. Linn is a true artist.

5 out of 5 stars
A desert island CD.
Reviewer: Kaz
Linn Brown definitely has a lot of stories to tell us with her songs. Each song has a drama, which you could visualize while listening as if to watch a series of good short films. Aesthetic, heartbreaking, ultimately filled with joy of life. I take this CD with me whenever I go. She can, always, make me smile, tear, and even jump! Musically Linn Brown’s songs are so sophisticated and profound that perhaps long time jazz fanatics like myself cannot resist swinging the heads.

4 out of 5 stars
Leaves me hopeful and smiling
Reviewer: Jackie
Linn’s lyrics are poignant and pertinent to our hearts. Her clever use of language and sense of humor shines through the travails of love and life. Bravo for music that leaves me hopeful and smiling.

5 out of 5 stars
Linn knows her stuff
Reviewer: Calla
This is a very solid CD, one that you can listen to many times over. Linn’s voice is interesting and perfectly fitted to her songwriting talents. I recommend that anyone give it a listen!

5 out of 5 stars
Wonderful songs, wonderful arrangements
Reviewer: Steve B
Ms Brown weaves together wonderful songs with rich vocal and instrumental arrangements producing a beautiful tapestry with plenty of depth.

Great CD!! Linn has a voice that is incredible and a style all her own!!! Excel
Reviewer: Patti Butler
Wonderful touchnig music. This is a “keeper” for sure!

5 out of 5 stars
Star Stuff
Reviewer: Bil
A star is in the making! Everyone should MEND with Linn Brown!

5 out of 5 stars
Soul music in the truest sense
Reviewer: Don
This is an impressive, well produced CD from an artist with a very soulful presence. The backing vocals are especially well crafted, as are the songs themselves. Very reminiscent of Laura Nyro with a dash of Joni Mitchell thrown in. Soul music in the truest sense.

4 out of 5 stars
sweet sounds!
Reviewer: Al
Great songs, great voice, pleasant keyboard, excellent backup, & thorough professionalism throughout.

4 out of 5 stars
a great Sunday morning listen….
Reviewer: Steve
This a fine CD from a seasoned original voice of folk/jazz music. The construction of the songs is clever, the messages universal but unique. It has an un-insistent, easygoing quality yet it still keeps my attention. A great Sunday morning listen!

4 out of 5 stars
Exceptional writing and a voice that I could listen to all day long…
Reviewer: Joanne
The songs were original and kept me waiting for the next track. I was very impressed by the lyrics and the melody for each song. I look forward to more from Linn Brown!